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About our team

At Midwestern Refrigeration Supply, we pride ourselves on having a diverse team of experts with the knowledge and know-how to solve all of your HVAC and refrigeration problems. Just as we strive to get to know our customers better, here's an opportunity to get to know us better as well. 
John Semeyn Sr.
Part Timer

As a 3rd generation business owner, John “Sr.” has carried the torch for over 40 years acquiring extensive industry knowledge and experience along the way -molding Midwest into what it is today. During his tenure, he has expanded Midwest’s footprint to cover the entire Upper Peninsula and its product offerings with HVAC. As elusive as he is when it comes to the office these days, John is always available to assist with customer needs. When he is not taking care of business or telling hunting stories, he can be found casting a line, lounged in a tree stand or spending time with family and friends.  

John Semeyn Jr.
Engineering and Sales

“Jr.” is the 4th generation owner of Midwest and has been responsible for Midwest’s transformation into a technology powerhouse. John has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Grand Valley State University and 15 years of mechanical and HVAC/R experience. From engineering and warehouse management to sales and customer service, John strives to give customers the best experience possible. He can often be found on an adventure- biking, hiking, skiing, fishing, hunting and keeping up with his modeling career. Yes, modeling-ask him sometime.

Ron McPherson- Traverse City
Layout and Technical Support

Ron has over 25 years’ experience on the Midwest team and is looking forward to many more. His knowledge expands well beyond the sales counter- from HVAC/R layout to technical and mechanical support. He has wide-ranging knowledge of equipment operation, compatibility, and repair. When Ron is not busy assisting customers with HVAC/R needs, he is searching for the best deals on Craigslist, drinking coffee, eating burgers or tacos, or scanning the latest news headlines.  

Richard Stocking- Traverse City
Customer Service and Purchasing

Rich has been with the Midwest team since 2000. Though his expertise is in purchasing, prices and warehouse, he also offers excellent customer service and a delightful smile. Rich has a vast knowledge of product pricing and part descriptions and numbers. When taking a break from his desk, Rich can be heard discussing his favorite food or his latest home project.  

Tom Sheren
Supply Chain and Sales

Tom is the newest Midwest member, bringing with him a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Master’s in Management. He has an extensive background in banking, accounting and office management. Tom serves as support staff- assisting with sales, pricing, inventory and technological needs. Additionally, Tom is available to accommodate your transportation needs as he drives taxi during his off time. When he’s not at work or watching National Geographic, Tom enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons.  

Lisa Teichman
Accounts Management & Service

Lisa has many years of expertise in office management. From collecting money to managing accounts and running payroll- she is very dedicated to her work much like she is to her children and the kids she coached in volleyball. Originally from Wyoming and growing up in the mountains, she is a better hunter and fisherperson than the guys in the office. Lisa has a degree in Education from Grand Valley State University.

Carrie Serrano 
Accounts and Pricing Management

Carrie has been with Midwest since October, 2016. She works with vendors, edits price lists, and keeps track of shipping. She has over 20 years of office and property management experience; previously working at a local property management company as an assistant property manager. When she’s not busy paying bills and eating dried cajun-spiced mangoes she’s enjoying the outdoors and spending time with her two daughters.

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