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Chiller Plant Design: USAF Airborne Laser

Does this make us cool? Midwest, along with OptiTemp, was commissioned by the United States Air Force to design, engineer, and construct a chiller system for its Airborne Laser (ABL) program. Pictured here is the chiller system being loaded on its way to Edwards Airforce Base. Check out the link for how the ABL works. 

Chiller Plant Upgrade: Country Dairy

Midwest was able to stop long delays in milk production that had been greatly impacting Country Dairy’s bottom line. Their current refrigeration system was losing refrigerant at a much faster rate than acceptable while utilizing a profit destroying ice bank. Midwest teamed up with Van’s Service to install a refrigeration/chiller system and removed the ice bank resulting in significant improvements to the bottom line and energy efficiency.

Chiller & Refrigeration System Upgrades: 
Right Brain Brewing Company

Midwest was able to help Right Brain Brewery improve the quality of their beer, improve efficiency, and save a significant amount of energy in the process. Right Brain Brewery had outgrown their capacity for production and consequently, their current refrigeration system. Their existing system was not working properly and causing numerous operational delays and servicing costs. Midwest, in cooperation with Keen Technical Solutions, installed a multi-stage robust commercial refrigeration system for glycol to refrigerant exchange. Profit-wasting motors and controls were replaced with high tech/low energy use motors and controls.
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